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Mexico's Leading Progressive Metal Band Fahrenheit Rocks Full-Length Album “Rain”

The Fahrenheit band members who are changing the Mexican music landscape, left, standing Alex Isaac (guitar), Carlos Flores (lead vocals and keyboards) and Piero Baroccio (guitar). Front row, left, David “The Wizard” Martinez (bass) and Khriztian del Toro (drummer). Lauded as One of the Most Important Prog Metal Bands out of Guadalajara, Mexico, Fahrenheit is Ahead of its Time with Epic Lyrics and Creative Music Videos

"The name and concept "Rain" has different symbolisms. The rain of bullets that plagued the anti-hero's life, the sadness at his lowest, the storms he endured, and his cleansing and liberation.”— Alex Isaac, Fahrenheit's founder and band leader.

Based out of Guadalajara, Mexico, Progressive Metal Band Fahrenheit recently dropped its third release, a full-length concept album "Rain" on all digital platforms including Spotify. ​The 11-track album, mainly composed by Alex Isaac and Carlos Flores, is followed by a 6-minute mini-movie music video directed by Benny Corral. Rain album cover was nominated for Artwork Category at the 2019 Osmium Awards Mexico.

"Rain" takes you on a musical journey about an average guy, not cut out to be a hero, whose choices led him to a life of chaos in the underworld. "The name and concept "Rain" has different symbolisms," said Isaac, Fahrenheit's founder and band leader. "The rain of bullets that plagued the anti-hero's life, the sadness at his lowest, the storms he endured, and his cleansing and liberation."

Cousins Isaac and Flores both industrial engineers and self-taught musicians carved out a career path in an unlikely genre of music. While Guadalajara is primarily known for the classic mariachi bands, ranchera music and the home to Jalisco Philharmonic, a renowned symphony orchestra, music of all genres are emerging out of Mexico including the sub-genre heavy metal and hard rock. Isaac, a guitarist, was part of the Thrash metal scene in Jalisco around the mid-nineties with the band Draksen.

"I moved to the northern border of Mexico where I founded Fahrenheit with my cousin Carlos, a keyboardist," said Isaac. "It wasn't easy to find quality musicians interested in the power metal genre, but we were able to recruit musicians from Juarez City and other regions in Mexico."

"When we started the band, the metal scene in Mexico was not happening. American and European bands would play in our city," said Flores. "It was difficult to get people interested in playing that genre. People felt we should try something easier." Fahrenheit tours around the world.

In 2002, Fahrenheit recorded its debut CD titled, “Epic Enter,” including songs with English lyrics, inspired by introspective themes, dreams and fiction from different times. Several publications, both electronic and printed, radio, television and word of mouth in different countries helped make “Epic Enter” a widely known release.

“Uncharted Dreams," Fahrenheit's first full-length album was released in 2005, which imprinted a more defined and personal style. It was distributed nationwide through Iguana Records and internationally by Hellion Records (Germany) Melodic Revolution (USA), Rock Stakk and Rock Avenue Records (Japan).

Fahrenheit's "RAIN" album cover was nominated in the Artwork Category at the 2019 Osmium Awards Mexico.

Aiming to achieve a larger impact with that release, Isaac and Flores returned to Guadalajara to regroup with new members and then they resumed concerts and promotion. The new band members are David Martinez, Piero Baroccio, are Christian Del Toro. "We wanted to make a more complex version of power metal genre," said Flores. "We added more flavor that evolved into more progressive metal known as prog metal."

Fahrenheit took part in the compilation of the ProgPower USA Festival, in its then sixth edition with their "Evermore" single.

In 2018, Fahrenheit participated for a third time in the ProgPower USA compilation, now in its XVI edition, with the song, "Wheelchair."

More about Fahrenheit Band Members:

Founder/Band Leader ALEJANDRO ISAAC is a self-taught musician. He earned his first guitar at 12 years old by doing household chores. His musical influences include Ozzy Osborne, KISS, Metallica, and so many others especially in the thrash, heavy metal and power metal genres.

CARLOS FLORES is the main vocalist and keyboardist. His parents wanted him to follow their musical talent and an enrolled him in private piano lessons. Although rebellious in the beginning but Flores fell in love with music. He played cover songs especially hard rock. When he joined Alex, he started to be creative and discovered how good he was at composing, writing lyrics and Flores was hooked being a part of the creative process.

​DAVID MARTÍNEZ aka The Wizard is a bass player from Guadalajara. Martinez has been friends with Carlos and Alex for more than a decade. He has played with several other bands but now focuses 100% on Fahrenheit. He has been playing for 16 years. He teaches private lessons for reading music and musical theory. He enjoys extreme music and video game music.

PIERO BAROCCIO is a native of Guadalajara and Fahrenheit's featured guitar. He has been playing music since 6 years old. Metal and Rock is his a favorite genre. He also composes scores for TV and Film as well as stageplays and commercials. His musical influences are Helloween, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Luca Turilli and the classical music genre.

CHRISTIAN "Khriztian" DEL TORO plays drums and percussion. For the past 18 years, he teaches people from around the world on the drums and percussion at Christian Del Toro Drum School in Guadalajara. He plays various genres of music.

For bookings, contact Manager JANNETTE URIBE at or URIBE MANAGER.

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