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Footnanny CEO Gloria L. Williams Shares 8 Benefits of Barefooting

June 01, 2016

June kicks off the sandal and flip-flop season with the national observance of Go Bare Foot Day.  Foot care and “wellness beyond a pedicure” are the central focus of Gloria L. Williams’ business, “My mission is to promote healthy feet globally,” said Williams, who also celebrates her birthday on June 1. “Proper fitting shoes, cotton socks, and Footnanny foot salts and creams can protect your feet and assist in preparedness to enjoy being bare foot during the summer months.”

Actor Omar Gooding Launches a Trio of TV Networks

May 19, 2016

Actor Omar Gooding (Family Time, Baby Boy) joins the rise of viewing apps and internet TV to bring original content to rival the streaming services of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Modo Entertainment TV Network Founder Gooding unveils his collaboration with One Shot Network (OSN) and Celebrity Virtual Television Network (CVTN) at the private launch and red carpet party.

Hardly Easlie Production Partners with Bob’s Big Boy To Help Bring Awareness About Anti-Bullying

May 26, 2016

Director/Writer/Producer Roe Moore and cast of Hardly Easlie will be at Bob’s Big Boy for a casual meet and greet to raise awareness about anti-bullying.


Any meal you dine in or take out, Bob’s will donate 20% of your bill to the production of Hardly Easlie, which begins filming in July 2016.  Learn more at  Tax-deductible donations are also accepted anytime through the Film Collaborative:

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