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Welcome to Rebvelandote

A New Vision of Storytelling

REBVELANDOTE, an innovative bilingual digital news magazine, is designed to provide you with a wide range of quality news articles and stories covering a variety of interesting topics. We pride ourselves on combining first-rate reporting with our special editorial touch and commitment to fair coverage. We like to think of ourselves as the signal standing out from the noise of the rest of the media landscape.

REBVELANDOTE Magazine is an extraordinary project, founded by Senior Publisher Adriana Hernandez and Associate Publisher Yeni Guerrero, was created in order to bring you quality bilingual content. Along with Editor in Chief Marie Y. Lemele, our sole intention is not only informing you about current events, but also as a point of support to deal with issues and situations that many do not dare to talk about but are relevant.

REBVELANDOTE has a special meaning. In Spanish, there are two words that are spelled the same, except for 1 letter, and both have different meanings, and those meanings have a lot to do with the vision of this publication:  Revelandote (SP)- revealing or unveiling  and Rebelandote (EN) - rebelling or uprising.

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